An open letter from the nitemusic ceo...

Hello -

Well….. it’s been quite an eventful time since we launched NiteMusic on October 1, 2016, just 2 months ago. At the start, we gained an unexpected following from the European community, mainly due to the Desert Trip festival and the numerous images we received (and posted) from attendees in almost “real-time”! This is good news for us as it compliments one of our goals – to reach recreational, business, and other travelers BEFORE they arrive in the Coachella Valley.

Since we update our site daily, visitors and locals alike will experience a search routine that holds 100’s of venues, artists, and upcoming events in our database, all current and ready for your event planning.

As we begin the year 2017, our website enhancements will continue. We’ve been collecting statistics from our web visitors which will allow us the ability to understand our audience, how they arrived, what they like/dislike, and where in the world they came from. These analytics are important to us as we manage our site and we want to share them with you. In addition, we are streamlining the registration process, adding more events to our database, implementing a "comments" section, finishing up the "out-of-area" cities and events, and updating our Artists and Venues pages.

Chris, our Marketing Director, is working on a promotional plan which means in the near future, you should see various online advertisements as well as media-type ads, all designed, organized, and implemented by Chris and her team. We look forward to more of Chris' developments in the new year!

I hope to keep everyone updated on our progress regularly as we learn from our visitors, vendors, artists, and all others that have assisted us in getting this far. We also hope has made your music search easier and more convenient!

Keep on Searching!




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